Rottnest Island by Mistake

The weather has been so changeable these past few weekends and we have been itching to be away sailing, but to no avail. So ignoring the forecast last Saturday and the promise of strong winds and wet skies over the weekend we headed off to Carnac Island regardless.

Leaving the Fremantle Yacht Club marina just before noon the wind was a pleasant 12 knots and skies were blue – so much for the forecast. So all sails hosted and off we go. Ashanti (albeit with a dirty bottom) is reaching at a pleasant 3.5 – 4 knots in calm seas. My this is good, too good to stop, so the crew voted unanimously to make it a weekend away at Rottnest.

We arrived at Thompsons Bay Rottnest after a pleasant three hour sail. Drop anchor and lunchtime. However a bit fearful that the predicted strong winds might eventually arrive overnight we moved further north and picked up a rental mooring nearer the fuel jetty in the Bay. Before settling in for the night we inflated the tender and rowed ashore for vital supplies – wine, oh yes and some food.

The weather was by now starting to change but with our clears down around the sides of the bimini it was pleasant enough for a glass of wine or two in the cockpit and to watch the full moon rising. After a satisfying curry for supper we snuggled down to bed in the forward cabin. To be honest the seas and wind had started to rise and it was a bumpy night on the mooring. Feeling just a little jaded in the morning we decided to leave early before the winds started to rise to the predicted 25 knots in the afternoon. It was already 18 to 20 knots but it would be a fairly broad reach home so not too uncomfortable. In fact the sail home was a delight. With only the foresail, staysail and jib up we romped along at a pleasant 4 to 5 plus knots arriving home by noon tired but satisfied with the weekend to Rottnest Island by mistake.

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