Carnac Island Return

It was a little tricky getting out of the pen – we reversed all the way out to create lots of turning room at the bow but because the wind and current were pushing the stern back into the dock we needed to put out fenders and push off from the marina. The wind was 12 – 14 knots from the North and we had a great sail to Carnac. There we had lunch on our new little table and rang Dave who was at Pigs Trough on Andrew’s boat.

Dave and Andrew sailed across and we threw a line between the boats so Andrew could come aboard and check us out. He was suitably admiring. We would have sailed home together but our jib furler got caught and it took us a while to get going, in the meantime they headed off to Fremantle harbour into the strong 16 knot sea breeze. We sail surfed home with a following sea making six knots on a broad reach.

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