Treading lightly

Sailing, by virtue of necessity, attunes you to the elements. Your comfort and survival demands attention be paid to the weather, marine life and quality of the water. One of the reason’s we are especially proud of Ashanti is because of her lighter environmental impact. Not only is she first and foremost powered by sail, her auxilary is a 25hp Thoosa/Lemco 48v electric motor driving a three blade prop. This is powered by a 330 Amp Hour battery bank made up of eight AGM 6v batteries which are continuously topped up by four, hundred watt, solar panels.

Solvents, diesel, PCBs, anti foul paints and other toxic materials commonly used on boats leach into the bilge and permeate the confines of the cabin, initially presenting as noxious odours that are all too frequently spilled into the waterways. With a quiet inboard electric motor Ashanti doesn’t have diesel or oil fumes. The Zantrex battery monitor provides ongoing information on power generation and consumption. If we do need to top the battery bank we turn on a small petrol driven generator which is stored in the back lazarette. Furthermore Ashanti’s hull has a Coppercoat Epoxie anti foul which has 10 year+ life which is resistant to marine growth and does not pollute the waterways.